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What Does Account inactive Mean

Hello friends, in today’s post I am going to tell you What Does Account inactive Mean? Nowadays, this problem is coming in the accounts of some people, this problem has come in mine too, so I thought of writing this post, so today I will tell you about What Does Account inactive Mean

Know What Does Account inactive Mean?

Account Inactive means that your account is not active yet, either you have not done any transaction in your bank for many years or you have not done your KYC. Nowadays, according to the guidelines of RBI, you will have to do KYC every 2 years or 3 years. That’s why these days this problem is being seen in the accounts of some people, that’s why there is no need to panic, I will tell you how to fix this problem.

How to fix account inactivation?

First of all, you have to go to your branch from where you have opened your account like Bank of India, State Bank of India and other banks. Go there and fill the KYC form. Before filling the KYC form, you should have a photo copy of PAN card with you and Aadhar card. You have to carry a photocopy of your ID and one passport size photograph of yourself and also if you belong to any other district.

Like Uttarakhand, Bihar and the same address is there in your Aadhar card and you live in Noida and your branch is in Noida, then you have to take the local ID proof also, if they do not take it then your work will not be possible, that is why if you have to activate your account. So you will have to carry local ID also if you do not have local address in your Aadhar card.

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What does account deactivate mean?

What Does Account inactive Mean Your bank account is not active, it needs to be KYC. If your account also appears to be active, then you can neither withdraw money from it nor do any transaction, that is why first of all you should You will have to fix this by going to the bank branch, only then this problem will be fixed.

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How to activate account?

If you want to activate your account then first of all you have to go to your bank branch, after that you have to fill the KYC form there and after that you have to submit your documents like photo copy of Aadhar card, photo copy of PAN card and a passport size photo. Then your account will be reactivated within 24 hours

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(Q) Why is the account getting deactivated?
Ans. You need to get KYC done by visiting your bank branch

(Q) What are the documents required to activate account?
Ans.Photocopy of Aadhar card, photocopy of PAN card and passport size photo.

(Q) In how many days does this activated account become active?
Ans. It may take 24 to 48 hours for it to start working

(Q) What happens when a bank account becomes inactive?
Ans. You cannot transfer or withdraw money when your bank account is inactive.


Today in this post we told you What Does Account inactive Mean? If you like our post, then share it as you go so that if other people are also facing this problem then it can be solved.

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