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Breathing for Sleep is the only routine that revives your #1 sleep nerve with the use of a US Marines ‘tongue trick’, restores healthy tongue posture, and unlocks the ability to get deep and restorative sleep every single night.

  • Goals:  Eliminate disruptive snoring
                  Silence racing thoughts
                  Get you to sleep in 2 minutes
                  Sleep like a rock through the night
                  Restore your energy and mood
                  Enhance your mental clarity and focus
                  Deliver fresh oxygen to your brain/heart/and muscles
                  Help prevent forward head posture and neck pain
                  Restore a healthy and strong jaw position
                  Instantly return your body from a constant stress response to a healthy relaxed state
  • Description: This Breathing For Sleep routine instantly begins to clear your sinuses, enhance your breathing, and remove any oxygen blockades while guiding you through a simple breathing routine to get the best sleep of your life. You will get the chance to fall asleep faster, sleep all night, and enjoy the deepest sleep of your life. You will learn how to end snoring in minutes with a simple breathing hack, and why mouth breathing activates your ‘survival mode’ keeping you from getting a restful sleep.

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