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Top 10 Penny Stocks for 2023 in India

Top 10 Penny Stocks in India 2023?

Friends, the right investment has become a very important thing in today’s time. If you make the right investment, your life can change completely. A few days ago there was a film called “Scam 1992” which was based on Harshad Mehta, in which dialogue was spoken ‘Share market is such a well that can quench the thirst of the whole country’, this is a correct sentence. Right now in the year 2023, which Penny Shares you can take which will prove to be good returns or multi-bagger in the future, then you come to the right article. So let’s know which shares in which you would like to bet.

10 Penny Stock for 2023 in India?

  • Add-Shop E-Retail Ltd – This is a very small company. It works on products like Ayurveda, personal care, and agriculture products. It works through online retail. It can become a big company because it is a Zero Debt Company. No Share Split has happened so far. The Net Profit Quarterly of the company is increasing continuously.


  • Piccadily Agro Industries Ltd – This company manufactures Sugar and Distillery Products. It works with 3 Associate Companies. 61% of their total revenue comes from Sugar, Molasses, Power, and Bagasse, as well as earning 38% from Distillery Products. Not only this, it is now focusing more on ethanol. It is now venturing into the Indian Liquor sector as well. You can consider this share for investment.


  • Trident Limited – This is a big company. It has declined for a few days but it is a textile sector company and it has the potential to be a big company in the world and India. It simultaneously does paper and chemical business. It is seen to increase Profitability and Higher Revenue archives.


  • Tera Software Ltd – If we look at the fundamentals then it is not so good but this company is getting very big projects. The way they get orders from big clients is a very good thing to see. An increase in Tera Software Share Price can be seen in the coming times.


  • Bascom Engineering Limited  – It is a company started in 1986 that does its business in the Construction Sector. 49% of revenue comes from the EPC division itself. If we talk about PE Ratio, then you are getting the Company Share Price at a very cheap price. If you see their previous records, they are a Full Profit Making Company.


  • Rattan India Enterprises – It does this work in different Diversified Businesses like Electric vehicles, drones, E-commerce, and Tech. This company seems to be growing very fast. Its price is also not expensive and it is also a Profit Making Company.


  • Vodaphone Idea Limited – It is a well-known company in the Telecom sector. You must have heard the name of this stock every day, which always remains in the news. At present, its debt has become a bit high, but if it gets any help from the government, then it also has the potential to become India’s largest telecom operator. But it is a very volatile stock and keeps falling and running even on the news.


  • Basant Agro Tech Limited – This is a small company. If we look at the figures, the profit of the company has been increasing for the last 3-4 years. If you look at Company Sales Growth too, it is good. P/E Ratio is also fine if you see it.


  • Suzlon Energy Limited – The capitalization and fundamentals of the company are very good. These are the world’s top wind turbine suppliers. This company operates in 17 countries. This company is in the market for 27 years. After operators, this company also makes most of its revenue from maintenance. Qualified Institutional Percentage is good but it is also important for us to see the rest of the parameters.


  • South India bank – It is a private-sector bank. It has an extensive network spread across South India. This bank has announced a few days ago that it will give a 7.50 percent return on one year FD. It has shown good performance in the last few quarters. Previous 4-5 years this stock did not show such good performance. But this year the movement seems to be catching on, so you can think of investing in it.


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Penny Stocks are High Risk, there is a possibility of loss in this, so you should buy Shares or invest only after doing your research.

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