How to buy shares of Apple, Tesla, Facebook company through INDmoney 2022

What is INDmoney Super Saver Account?

INDmoney reviews: Nowadays many people talk about earning money by investing or trading in the stock market, these days it is being talked about a lot because the internet has reached everyone’s pocket. The information, which was not available before, now we can get that from mobile by pressing a button.

But investing in one place can be risky, it is better if we diversify it, that is why today we will tell you how you can invest money in the stock market of America while sitting. So, let’s know the complete information about it.

How to Invest in US Stock Market?

It was a bit difficult a few years ago if someone spoke like this, but now technology is growing so fast that you can do it now in a few minutes.

IND Money is an application through which you can now sit in India and invest not only in the shares of Apple Company but also in any share of the USA Stock Market. It has become very easy now a days. Gone are the days when you had to follow a lot of process to invest in India, but now it has become very easy.

How to buy shares of Apple

About INDmoney App?

This is an application through which you can invest in the stock market of America, not only this, it also helps in tracking Mutual Funds, SIP, IPO, Fixed Deposit, Financial and Retirement Plan. Through this app, you can track bank, broker, distributor, advisory all these. You do not even need to pay any commission and brokerage for all this, it is absolutely free.

Know IND Money App Uses?

  1. With this you can buy any stock of the US stock market.
  2. You can also invest in mutual funds and keep their track record in it.
  3. You can also track your Indian Demat Account in it.
  4. Here you can earn more than other means by making fixed deposits.
  5. In this, you have also been given financial and retirement plans.
  6. Through this you can also track FD, IPO, SIP.

Features Of IND Money?

First of all, if you open this application, then you will have to sign in by giving your mobile number, name, e-mail first, after that you will see its interface. Many features have been given in it, about which let’s know.

Profile:- On the top side, you will see your name, whatever you have registered with, you will get to see options like your information, bank details, US stock account, risk profile, linked account, transaction, notification here.

Rewards:-Whatever rewards you will get in this tab, you will see them here. Due to this being a new platform, you will get to see a lot of rewards here.

Advisory:- In this you will get advisory through this platform. You will also find different notifications here.

Is INDmoney SEBI registered?

This app was earlier known as INDhealth. It started in the year 2019, which was aimed at providing financial facilities. It is a SEBI registered Investment Advisor.

INDmoney App is Safe or Not?

This app is absolutely safe to use. If you see their policy, then your data is absolutely safe, they do not share your data on any other platform. If experts agree, then it is absolutely worth using, you do not need to be afraid of anything. This application is also available on Google Play Store, so you can consider it as safe.

How to Login IND Money?

When you open the app, first of all you will have to give your mobile number, as you will submit its OTP, which will come on your mobile number, after that you will be asked for your name, e-mail, all this, after filling all this, your INDmoney login is complete. will go. After this, if you want to buy stocks or mutual funds, then you will have to complete KYC (e-KYC), for which you will have to provide Aadhaar card, PAN card information, after doing this you can easily buy and sell stocks in the app.

INDmoney Customer Care Number?

If you have any problem, suggestion or complaint, you can contact on this mail id.

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