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what is firewall in computer network in hindi

what is firewall in computer network in hindi 


Aj hum bat karne wale hai ki firewall kya hai  

 hum insann koi bhi chota ya bada kam karne

 ke liye  ek chizz ka dhayn apne man me jarur rakte hai  or wo hai security  jaise ki apne
future ke liye log pahle se hi paise bacha ke rakhte hai
 taki logo ko aage chal kar in paiso ki jarurat hogi
or wo kise ke aage hath nhi philaye hum
 insaan apne security  rakhte hai wase hi
computer ko bhi ek security ki jarurat hote hai taki  koi bhi malware ya virus se computer ko bacha kar rakha jaye 

what is firewall in computer network in hindi


(English Subtitle) 

Today we are going to talk about what is a firewall – we can do any small or big work
One thing for sure is in our mind and that is security like our future
For this, people save money in advance so that people need these money later
We will not spread our hands to anyone, we humans keep our security in the same way
The computer also needs a security to protect the computer from any malware or viruses.

what is firewall in computer  in hindi and english

Firewall computer system ke network ko secure banane ke ek technic hote hai  ye network ko filter karne ke liye use kiya jata hai  yani iska use kise bhi network me unauthorized chize spread yani na 

faile iske liye use kiya jata hai ye chizz jaise virus, trojans , spam, spyware, malciouslink  ye sab
ho sakte hai  

fireware hardware or software dono me hai computer par iska antiviurs or software ko install kar ke kiya jata hai   kuch acche anitivirus me firewall kam karte hai   or hardware device ko kharid kar ise apne network par setup kiya jata hai 

firewall ka matlv diwar  ap ise ek example ke roop me ek diwar samjh lo jaise ki koi diwar ke par khada hai ap usse dekh nhi sakte wo kon hai  wase hi firewall computer me diwar ke tarah kam karta hai koi 

bhi hacker agar usse hack karne chahega to pahle firewall usse aagar jana hi nhi dega  firwall ka matlv ye hi hota hai or kuch nhi  ye apke computer me ek security ke tarah kam karta hai  jaise kise company 

ka security guard bina permission ke apko ander jane nhi deta wase hi firewall hamare liye guard hai 

advantages and disadvantages of firewall

Agar ap acche company  ka firewall security ko use nhi karte
 ho to apka system bahut hi jyda slow kam kar ne lag jayega 

Firewalls ek bahut powerful security tools hote hai jo inke kuch limit hote hai jaise 
ye apko bahar ke hackero ya spam se bachate hai   agar apke floopy disk se malware 
apke computer ke system me chale jate hai to phir firewall kuch nhi kar sakta 

Types Of Firewall 

  1. Stateful inspection firewalls
  2. Circuit – level gateway
  3. Application- level gateway
  4. Next- Gen firewalls
  5. Best firewalls (hardware and software

What is firewall in english

Firewalls are a technique for making the network of computer systems secure. They filter the network.
It is used to do that means it is not spread in any network.These are used to spread things like viruses, trojans, spam, speare, malicious links etc.

Can be Freeware is both in hardware and software by installing its hardware and software on the computer.

In some good antivirus firewalls work and hardware devices are kharid kar ise apne network par setup kiya jata hai |

The wall of the firewall is considered as an example of a wall as if someone is standing on a wall
You can’t see who he is, in the same way a firewall works like a wall in a computer.

Even if the hacker wants to hack it, the firewall will not let him go first, then Firvall’s rivalry
This happens and nothing, it works like a security in your computer like a company

Security Guard does not let you enter without permission, similarly firewall is a guard for us

इन्हें भी पढ़े :-

Advantage and disadvantage

If you don’t use good company firewall security
 If you do, then your system will start working very slowly.

Freewheels are very powerful security tools which have certain limits like
This protects you from outside hackeros or spam if malware from your floppy disk

If your computer goes into the system then the firewall can do nothing

if you download linux lite and free key licences  os  –  linux lite

Hellow dosto to aj mane apko bataya what is firewall in computer network in hindi kya hota hai 



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